pühapäev, september 23, 2007

Sügise lugemise väljakutse!

Hello, autumn! I apologize to my Estonian readers, this post will be in English. Along with the arriving autumn, comes the
Fall Into Reading 2007 challange. It means the list of book you might have and is still waiting to be read, you can use it now. Post a list of the books you want to read and add your url link to Katrina´s Callapider Days blog. At the end of challange you can post another post about these books that you had on your list and you hopefully read. The challange will stay open till 21.dec, as I understand. There is also prize drawed between everyone. Information about the challange you can find in that blog.

So here is my LIST of books:

1. Armastuse saladus by Josh McDowell.
Great book on christian relationship advise that I have read before, now I`m reading it again and need to finish it! This is the kind of book you take again and again from your bookself to look into and get inspired and some great thoughts from.

2. Boy meets Girl by Joshua Harris.
Second book from the I Kissed Dating Goodbye author, a book, which I enjoyed very much. Book, that gave me strength and wisdom and taught me how to live right, with a right attitude towards dating and boy-girl relationships. I´m looking for reading the second book which talks about the christian courthip: better way to make it to the marriage dock. Of cource there is also a better way than courtship, thats called biblical betrothal, but I´m looking for to read Boy meets Girl for the advice, ideas and the general postive honorable and dignifing approach that I found from the authors first book, that soaks into you as you read it.

3. Ireland Rough Guide
Quite capacious book about Ireland castles, churches, city history, dining places and lots of other information. There are info about every county, including Northern Ireland. I did my trip to there, but there is also lot of unseen places there, so I might just educate myself a little on that field.

4. Otsitakse taga: äärmuslikke kristlasi (Wanted: Extreme Christians) by Stephen Hill
That book is so good, that I´m going to read it again! It will give you such a boost for Jesus and will to live a life for Him!

5. Naised vaimses sõjas (A Woman´s Guide to Spiritual Warfare) by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garloc
Women face often major battles that seem to overwhelm them: depression, illness, adultery, addictions, adultery. This book talks about how women can fight for their families and close ones to win the spritual battles that have an effect on their lives.

6. Pride and Prejudice (Uhkus ja eelarvamus) by Jane Austen
World classic from well known author Jane Austen. I have seen the movie and almost loved it! I know reading the book after seeing the film isn´t so interesting as reading first and then enjoying the movie, that way you can have 2 great experiances from one story, both a bit different and enjoyable. Anyway, sense I have seen it, now is the time for the book. By the way, old english is not so easy as I thought!

7. Jumala kartus (Fear of God) by John Bevere
And if I still have any desire to read after finishing with these books, I have a great unfinished book, that I need to start over again.

The author of that book writes about how to honor and fear the great Lord; how to serve Him in a way our that our lives will be pure. How to get that somthing back, that seems to be missing...

I wish you a pleasent autumn with many days with wonderful weather and cosy evenings with sweethearts and some great readworthy books!


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