reede, juuni 15, 2007

Shopping choices

The choices we make when shopping. Doesn´t matter of it`s clothing, food or even household items, furniture. If if buy cheap items, cheap canned beans for example, produced by the big incorporatives, we don´t help small farmers, if we buy certain big fashion compaies jackets and dresses, we support EXTRA cheap labour in low cost asian countries. It does not help society to become more balanced regards of who owns the money, but istead it creats more slots between the wealthy and less wealthy, who also wark hard. WE should start appreciating quality servises and products produced by small companies and farms again. Them it shows that we appreciate people! Let´s lift those business with honor shoosing to shop there if possible. That way we support our own people how struggle to make a living, sometimes with their own hands. And aren´t we all people, made by Him. Yes, we are! So then, let´s think about our shopping choices. Think about how we can make a difference with helping others. That`s called shopping with integrety! :)
Pass the torch!

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